Question For Those Interested In Superhuman Powers?

Question For Those Interested In Superhuman Powers?
An Angel comes up to you and tells you she could grant you a small portion of these superhero's abilities. Which would you choose?:

1) Captain America's peak human senses and stamina.

2) Spider-Man's agility and Spider Sense.

3) Wolverine's regenerative healing factor.

4) Black Widow's combat abilities.

5) Tony Stalk's superintelligence.

I'd have to go with Tony Stalk's intelligence. I'd be able to invent things that would help me in combat and in my daily life. Also, I'd be able to understand subjects such as physics, chemistry, and kinesiology a lot better.

I could create a suit and/or device of some sort that would just give me the aforementioned abilities. To me PERSONALLY, superintelligence is the greatest power of them all... right next to chronokinesisbof course.
Sorry for the misspelling on the last paragraph.


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  • I'd just want the powers of whoever can teleport as in long distance teleport.


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