Anyone else miss Hannibal?

Am I the only one who misses Hannibal? It was a brilliant tv series about Hannibal Lecter. I won't say much more for fear of spoilers but watch it if you want to be amazed and disturbed by its dark genius.


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  • YES. Best show ever. Although the second half of the third season (Red Dragon) felt compressed and unusual because they were canceled, still better than any other production of Red Dragon though. I think the tale told in seasons 1 & 2 is the best thing television has ever offered, especially that finale. <3

    Seriously, the cinematography is mind-blowing and the dialog is tremendously clever. The beginning of season 3 is for people who really enjoy Hannibal since we get to see him in his natural environment when he is no longer hiding in the shadows.


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  • I never saw it, but the movies are always good to watch!

    • Do yourself a favour and watch it. It's seriously messed up but so good!

    • Messed up like Bates Motel, Psycho, or American Psycho? :P

    • They look like episodes of spongebob by comparison. I mean seriously disturbing and messed up. I was on edge watching every episode but I really recommend it.

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  • Hell yes!! while i was sorta confused by the shit in the beginning of season 3. i understand it was for artistic interperation. though i felt that they still could of dug deep into francis tragic childhood. still amazing acting by the cast. it's a shame because I would defintely be interested in a version of silence of the lambs on that show.

    • Yeah the first half was too trippy and surreal for my tastes.

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    • Yeah, but like i said before, some things felt a bit rushed. they never delve deep into the messed up child hood of francis dolarhyde. so you never get a complete or understanding of why he is that way.

    • The ending was a bit of an out of place kop out as well.

  • No I don't and I wish they never made a TV series about it. They should just stick to the movies, because TV series always screw things up.

    Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Hannibal Rising are all classics that will chill a person to their core and make the question reality.

    Those TV shows were constant cliff hangers that were just teaser after teaser.

  • Yeah it was really amazing and the final season was great real shame they coudn't keep it going, I consider it to be as good as series like: true detective, the x-files and dexter.

    • Messed up as well. The Angel maker, *shudders*

    • Oh yeah that was some seriously gruesome imagery peeling the skin back and shit, bloody amazing not many shows have those kind of metaphorical things just like the stag imagery which was also a great thing about the show.

    • And the great red dragon biting your mans lips off as well!

  • He's been dead for 2,200 years. Why are you just missing him now?


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