Is WWE 2K16 a good game worth buying for PS4?

I'm just wondering since I'm thinking of either buying this or another sports game made by 2K.
I know that the previous WWE game made by 2K was crap but I'll cut them some slack since it's the first WWE game to be released for the new gen consoles. Besides, I'd rather have 2K be the replacement for THQ (now that they sadly went out of business) than EA Shit. So far, the PS4 gameplay in this video looks kinda nice.

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  • Try getting a gamefly account and then just rent it online if your in the US and have a debit card. I usually get on the free first month and then cancel, then wait a few months and get a free month again.

  • WWE 2k16 is no different from the previous games. Just an updated roster & Stone Cold showcase which isn't much fun.


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