Why is it that the only thing we see women do on reality shows fight?

I know it's entertainment and probably fake for the most part, but with the acception of a few, why do womeb always have to fight and say nasty things behind ppl's backs? It gets old after a while and makes the rest of us look bad.


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  • Because that's what sells. It's well known that most women like drama, so that's what they get on TV-shows: drama.

    Most of the people watching those shows are women, and if every show has women fighting and talking behind other's back is because it sells, it's no coincidence.
    If women stopped watching those show, their format would change.

    • Yeah it is about drama and nothing is wrong with that, but it's like Goshhhh, can we please see these grown woman actually act like grown women for a change?

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  • It's for the ratings. When the producers pick these women, they deliberately pick ones that they know will cause tension and fight. It is old and annoying, I agree.

    • It really is. Sometimes I would like to see these women act like the boss ladies they claim to be on these shows. Then it's like they either don't lnow or don't care that they're being exploited because the producers know who will act a fool to make money

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  • Fighting attracts audience, and increases rating.

    • For some reason, fighting always attracts an audience. The fuckery of it all lol

  • because they do that in real life

    • Yeah but not all of us. Don't you think that there should be a better representation of women on reality shows? Not ever woman throws a drink/spits in somebody's face just to get a point across

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    • Yeah you're right, it is all about money

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