whats everyones favourite sports
can include extreme sports :)

nice, nice and nice fishings so chill i longboard, fish and run really wanna learn to snowboard aswell :)


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    • have you watched concussion the new will smith film about NFL couldn't believe its a real condition

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    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau Yeaaaah. Bro. They mentioned in the Allstar Game that Kyle used to go to McDonald's at 3am. That's interesting that he's the one who found that out from them.

      Lol wild. Yeah you get the wild stuff from him. Stuff that's behind closed doors.

    • Oh my god. They didn't have anything to talk about on Thursday and Friday so they had a Twitter competition to come up with the best sports puns. Like dikembe mount jumbo. Or instead of Troy aikman, it's Troy cakeman. And before that, they did who would people be in a wild Wild West saloon. So they said stuff like mike shanaham is the mortician who measures you for your coffin size right before a shootout. Or wade Phillips is the old town preacher. Or they'd just do stuff like say Jim tomsula (49ers coach) is the greasy guy on a street corner selling drugs.

  • My favorite sport is basketball. Baseball is second and football is third. On occasion, I'll watch a Premier League or LA Liga fixture.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3qJFjlDvKY
    Basketball, such grace and power, amazing

    • Bruh. That dunk contest was amazing.

      In fact all three events were great. Best I've seen... ever in terms of all three events.

      I mean the big guys vs the little guys in the skills comp? That was a great idea. Especially considering that that's representative to what the league has become. There aren't many bang in the paint centers anymore. Now you gotta have handles and be able to shoot. Great performance by Towns and Thomas has came a long way.

      Then the 3 point shooting contest. It's clear that form matters in something like that. Curry is the best shooter ever but Clay is the 2nd best on the planet and has the best shooting form on the planet. That's why he won. It's amazing that the two best shooters on the planet are on the same team.

    • Yeah, i'm really glad that they improved on it all around, the Bigs being in the skills was great, because the game is changing so much, everyone has to almost at least be decent at every facet of the game. The 3 point contest was great, but we've seen better I think, maybe some more obscure year, the dunk contest was easily the best, I mean, both those guys would've had a chance at beating VC back in 2000

    • that Shit was so nasty! That was the best one I've ever seen this weekend has been awesome

  • 1- college football
    3- college basketball
    4- nba

  • American football!!
    Close tie with basketball

  • pro wrestling

  • Hmm probably football or soccer.

  • Football! (soccer)

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