Did you watch The Walking Dead?*Spoilers*?

NONONONONONO Too much bullshct in one episode!!! The Rocket launcher!!! Glenn Saves MAggie!!!


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  • No, I don't have the stomach for such extremely violent, highly tragic shows

    • lmao well.. it's ur loss bro

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    • It is actually a loss, It's a loss Because you Can't handle the gore it contains

    • Not everyone can handle that stuff, dude! And we don't want to, either. Even more than the gore, it's about the extreme sadness and tragedy portrayed by that series.

  • No. The show is terrible. Whoever dies is just gonna come back anyways. That show always does it

    • No character has ever died and came back to life... Obviously you haven't watch the walking dead full series b4

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    • Did you rememebr the scene back in the past where Rick and the others covered themselves in the walkers' blood N couldn't be detected by the walkers? Of course you remember... When the dud killed himself, his blood covered glenn and therefore the walkers coudln't detect him which allowed nick to escape under the dumpster N hide out the night

    • glen* not nick