Do you think a man-on-woman physical violence should be completely abolished from all video games, regardless of?

the intention ever being misogynistic or not?

As a long time gamer, I'm all for helping women who have suffered from domestic violence in the real world but I can still distinguish from right and wrong or reality and fiction. In the case of video games, I sure as hell do not want any crooked politics trying to completely restrict all the fun in the video games y abolishing man-on-woman violence on any game that was intended for certain parts. For instance, imagine a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter game without any female characters or imagine GTA with no female pedestrians. I'd be very pissed off because that would just outright kill video gaming by restrict our freedom of game enjoyment if they get so easily offended by everything that doesn't go with their beliefs or philosophies.

If a man is an abusive asshole who beats his wife or some anti-social teenage boy goes on a school shooting spree, that's all on them and their parents, NOT the fault of violent video games or game developers.
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  • I don't think any violence should be omitted from video games. Slap the proper rating on it and call it a day. Honestly, anyone who tries to abolish man-on-woman violence in video games is an idiot because there would still exist man-on-man and woman-on-woman violence in these games. Segregating the violence based on gender is admitting that women are inferior accomplishing the exact opposite of your goal.


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