What do you think about nightcore?

Nightcore is sped up music that also involves remixing the song (mostly in a edm-trance kind of way) sometimes but not always. I like a few songs because I don't get bored by the song half way through ;). There's a ton of shit out there too though, you have to find the right youtube channels :). I don't know exactly how it started but all the nightcore videos have anime artwork.

  • Disgusting, this is the worst thing I've heard since Justin Bieber and One Direction
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  • Meh, not into it
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  • Some can be good but usually my partner just puts on nightcore versions of some great songs to piss me off :P

    • Yeah it doesn't work with every song and I usually like the ones where I don't know the song that was used more. I think the electronic ones are the best in general :).

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