Is Raj of The Big Bang Theory hopeless or does he have standards?


In a recent episode, Raj broke up with Emily (on Valentine's day nonetheless) for another girl, Claire, because of some mild potential of a relationship with her. He doesn't know where things are going with Emily and he doesn't seem sure about the relationship. Also, the show made a point that he is the only guy in the group to have initiated a break-up. Does he have standards for doing this? It seems like he doesn't want just any girl that's interested in him... however, it also seems like he wants every girl that's interested in him. The break-up with Emily makes him seem polyamorous and unfaithful.

If you were single all your life, and a girl showed some interest in you, would you get into a relationship with her or would you hold out for what you're looking for in a girl?


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  • I think he has some standards but he obviously can't achieve them :P

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • There are times I like Raj, and think he's sweet and cute. But then he says something and it's either very shallow or materialistic. I know he comes from a rich home, so that might have something to do with it. I like that one episode when he was telling the girls (girls night out) that he wants 9 and 10s... and had a list of all the things they want. Then on, Bernie or Penny said "You will go with anyone that gives you a chance though" and he agreed.

    So not sure if he's fronting all of his high standards or what.


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