A question for fellow photography dorks?

I'm an aspiring photographer and I currently have a Nikon FA 35mm film camera that I usually shoot in black and white. I was doing a shoot this last weekend in Maine, and I realized that, with my current 35mm lens, I can't get a shot in focus that's any closer than about 18 inches or so. Does anyone have any recommendations on lenses I should look into? I do tons of portrait shooting and it'd be nice to have something reliable.
I'm also looking into getting a nice digital camera for my birthday, if anyone has any recommendations on what I should consider, since I'm really into portraits.
Lastly, I have a camera bag right now that, while I love dearly, is getting pretty shredded from all of the use. Any ideas where I could get one big enough to hold a considerable amount of stuff (ie a digital and film camera, a few lenses, several rolls of film, and perhaps my portrait makeup collection) within a reasonable price point?

Thank you!!


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  • I can't help with a camera or lens but I'll say IMHO stay with Nikon because they make there own glass. It's why I use their riflescopes and they're very clear. As far as bags go look at Lowe Pro. I'm a backpacker and they have another line called Lowe Alpine that has made kick ass backpacking and expedition packs for carrying heavy loads for decades. Their Pro line is for photographers carrying heavy loads with the same type harness and suspensions as the backpack line


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  • Use a magnifying glass, search 'camera bag' on Google. You'll find something.


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