Can someone explain this artwork Dream machine by Loris Gréaud?

Can someone explain this artwork Dream machine  by Loris Gréaud?
What is the size of one tv, what does the lighting mean and is there any sounds or just lights going on and off?
And if someone knows a video of this artwork tell me please
Sorry for offending people by calling this installation an artwork
I did not want to start an argue.


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  • It's shit like this that makes people believe that art is bullshit when in reality it's only "modern art" that's bullshit. I will always have respect for people who achieve a mastery in their craft be it in music, oil painting, sculpture, literature, poetry, film (sometimes), dance etc... but you're never going to convince me this guy is some kind of genius for throwing random shit on the wall that he probably found out back of his local dentists' dumpster ( those look like X-ray backlights for non-digital X-rays)

    • Maybe but don't be fooled by the looks right, it's just what you see but what's behind it?

    • I just need some information for my school

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  • lol google it...
    but looks interesting
    I think reflection, repetition, isolation, different parts/faces of an entity etc...
    also I think oppression, punishment with little hope, loss of senses and perception of time...
    also can be window to the outside, a screen for you to imagine your own dreams instead of watching someone else's


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  • There's very little information on the piece, but from what I gather, it pulses lights at specific frequencies. If you stand in front of it with your eyes closed, it stimulates your optical nerves and creates a perception of colors and shapes.

    • This artist did another installation that sounds amazing. It had a projector with an image of something, as well as an infrared sensor, and as soon as you walked into the room the sensor detected your presence and turned the projector off.

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    • No, the colors and shapes were apparently in your mind.

      I don't know why there are three screens. Maybe to provide directional lighting or different patterns.

    • hmm interesting thank you! :)

  • All I see is 3 rectangles, a white and foggy room. I'm clueless about art and the meaning of it.

  • O dear lord that is not art, enough with this modern art shit, what you see in that picture is not art at all.

    This is art

    • I know I know but I need this for my schoolwork

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    • @Dandeus I agree! Thank you!

    • @Dandeus I've seen modern art in person as well it's nothing special, half of it looks like a child did it. Like I said I am a traditionalist when it comes to art, I've also studied art as well, and this was the choice I made, you'll find few who disagree.

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