Any suggestions for a new Ps4 game?

So, I posted something similar to this before I bought my last game and you guys really helped... but I need more help haha. My last game I got was GTA 5 and I put over 250 hours into it within the 4 months I've had it. I'm still playing it, but it's getting really boring and the only fun I can get is if I don't play it for like a week then go back to it. So, I just want some advice with my next game! I don't play CoD so that's out of the question. So, just comment next-gen games that you guys really enjoyed. I want something with a good story, replay value, and multiplayer if possible. Thanks!


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  • Fallout 4
    Resident Evil Origins Collection
    The Evil Within
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    The Order 1886


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  • I recommend that you get Until Dawn. It's a survival-horror game and it really makes it feel like you're in a movie. The choices that you make determine the behavior and outcome of each character. It has a branching story line so it has high replay value.

    I replayed the game several times to see new scenes that I never saw before. How you play the game affects the ending (and there are several).

    • I've been looking at that since I'm a huge fan of horror games and horror in general! I'll think about it, thanks!

  • Street Fighter V just came out today. I mean I'm not going to stand in line for it, but it's worth amazon-ing.

    Don't take that as an insult to the game I won't stand in line for a midnight release for any game.