If you were an aspiring MMA fighter and plan on becoming a top fighter, would you avoid the UFC at all cost due to?

their notorious favoritism of their top fighters regardless of actual skills and talent or not?

Just asking since I just graduated from University, I've thought about turning pro in MMA after getting Black Belt in BJJ (which was just last week), trained quite a lot in Muay Thai (for 4 years) had a brief amateur featherweight boxing record (at a boxing gym) from age 10-13 and a recently had a amateur MMA record of 10-3. I was thinking if it's really worth contacting Dana White or not if I want to be compete with and learn more from the best fighters in the world. I've heard mixed things about White. Some say he's the right guy to work for in the MMA industry and others say he's a poor business man who lets his personal feelings get in the way and has a huge tendency of commiting favoritism over some of his MMA fighters just for their popularity rather than their actual skills and talents.

Not sure if it's true but while I'd glady compete in the organization that offers the best competition, I don't want to work for someone who's not that great of a business man and has a huge ego to the point where he only promotes trash talking entertainers rather than real MMA talents.
  • Avoid the UFC at all cost.
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  • Putting all of the political and personal stuffs aside, just try to get into the UFC if you want to make a name and fight the best in the world.
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  • Not completely avoid the UFC but just have a thorough look.
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  • i would go for it... just read through if they give you a contract.

    i was at a mma gym for just exercise and prefer hands on intensive things so i did mma for while and UFC representative came by the gym and said i had great potential with my reputation... they sponsored the gym because i was under 18 at the time and i got a load of free gear and clothes and such just because it was the UFC logo on them... still the best wraps i ever got and the shorts are super comfortable and tight around the waist so no falling down, still use the tops to sleep in haha

    go for it if you get the chance... great free gear for advertising them, just be careful of the small print if you sign anything!


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  • My brother , nephew and brother -in - law own their own MMA club. I can't imagine the UFC promoting anyone who doesn't possess the skills & talent to be a great fighter... after all they are in it to make money. Money is their top priority so they will have no room for "favouritism".

    • There actually does seem to be some apparent favoritism in the UFC. Dana White just signed up anow ex-WWE wrestler with very little martial arts background where there are plenty of other MMA talents outside the UFC, with a real fighting background who Dana White could have signed up. Ronda Rousey is still being fully pushed to the moon and constantly shoved down our throats as the #1 female MMA fighter in the world, even after her brutal one-sided KO loss to Holm, who was a multiple division world champ in boxing yet was never given any of the social media luxuries that Rousey has, in her entire career (not to take anything away from Rousey's accomplishments or anything), even up to now after her upset victory.

    • *an*

    • Yes but they would never choose favouritism over talent and skill. It is all about money... nothing else.

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  • Well it's obvious that he has favoritism, but I think that's because of money. Instead of having a revolving door of talent being pushed up he figures he can make more money by showing the same faces to the crowd.

    I think you should look thoroughly and see if it's right for you or not. I think you can answer this question better than anyone.

  • I think you should weigh all your options, there are other ways to make money in MMA besides UFC. But either way, I would definitely have a plan B. Even if you go pro, it takes a lot of work and luck as well to make a living solely from fighting.

  • Lol, you don't contact Dana white, they scout you in regional shows and contact you. If you are a real Thai fighter, what is the appropriate amount of head movement in a Muay Thai fight?

  • Dana White is such a troglodyte

  • The favoritism within the UFC is mild compared to the politics that go on in say boxing.

    If you keep beating who they put in front of you, you will eventually get a title shot in the UFC.

    If you beat people in dramatic fashion, you'll move up the ranks faster then if you grind out wins with technically strong and dominating but not exciting fashion. Ultimately it is about selling tickets. People want to see the best, but they also want to be thrilled. The difference between a big seller and a weak one isn't whether hardcore fans watch them - hard core fans watch everyone. Its whether the casual fans watch them. If you're KOing people or landing subs fast, you will get faster opportunities then if you are smothering people with top control and winning decisions.

    Don't do anything stupid, but if you're outclassing people, put them away.

    From a career perspective, if you can get in the UFC do it. Even if you only stick around a few fights, it will likely boost your salary -outside- the UFC. whether you stick with them or bounce in and out (which plenty of fighters have) depends on opportunities, negotiations, etc.

  • Congrats on getting your belt!


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