Nba slam dunk champion?

I know it late but amazing slam dunk duel the best i have seen ever. I think they can be co-champion. What u think?


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  • I loved the slam dunk contest. That "sitting" dunk from Aaron Gordon is probably the best I've ever seen.
    I think Gordon made the best dunks, but Lavine was the most "effective", meaning that he owned every one of those points he got. I don't think any of his dunks deserved less than a 50, that's why he won, even though Gordon's dunks were more "attractive".

    • Isn't all about what dunk is the most attractive though? lol. ain't that the point?

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    • @Joc4Position Yeah, but you vote the dunk independently, without comparing it to the other guy's. Difficulty and force are also part of the rating of the dunk. So if a dunk has all of the elements to deserve a 50, then it'll get that, even though the dunk of someone else was more attractive.

    • Yeah but part of the "attractive" part has to do with difficulty. How many guys have you seen make a dunk while taking a seat mid-air? Some of those other dunks he did were tough too. He took the ball behind is head then came down and then dunked it.

      All Zack did was just from the "free throw line". In which he didn't really jump from there. Still some good flight on the dunks and they were still tough, but I still feel Gordon's were complete on all corners so to speak.

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