So what odds of EMINEM or anyone who works for him knowing who you are?

I was just thinking if get shady records attetion , i could sing vocals or make instrumental. I tried other labels but this onces special because all the EMINEM colobs with pop singers.

I might have be pop singer in order to make it.
ahahah Im over hear laughing... not saying why.


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  • Who knows, I'm not really too into the rap genre, I only go into there if my managers/sponsors insists, but you see, I wrote my own music, so even then
    I don't include a whole lot of it.. Seeing that being the case, our chances of interacting
    is unlikely.. unless we at some point make a collaboration.


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  • Very slim (haha no pun intended). But you never know.


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  • About 25 to 30% I used to work in the music industry, and own a media production company.

    • how safe do think the hip hop genre is?

    • I don't know enough about it, honestly. I worked as a sound engineer, and only did one hip-hop show (and that was a Christian show). I've met a lot of people in the industry, and I'm sure that I know someone who knows someone who has worked with, well most every A list musician out there, but I don't listen to hip-hop and I really wouldn't seek out those kind of shows, but if I was assigned one I'd do it (when I did that stuff you really didn't have much choice in the shows that you were assigned). As for if I could pass on a demo, it doesn't really work that way. Sorry, but it just isn't done.

  • Slim to none

  • sorry bruh that seems very unlikely, he probably gets millions of requests, you will get drowned out unless u meet him in person but thats jail time

  • I doubt Eminem's even aware of ma existence...

    First of all we live in different countries... so chances he has seen me are zero...

    I know he has never came to ma country for a concert... and I've never been to America either... so there's no way he knows me...

    I couldn't care less though... I don't expect him to recruit me for recording sessions and stuff...


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