Does anyone have any tactics or advice for chess?

This is assuming you play chess of course. I'm interested in what you GAGers have to say.


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  • First of all, record all the moves while playing chess... they will help you realize what's wrong, when and where.
    Next is opening... try to develop all your pieces during the opening. Also, try to control the middle 4/16 squares by when the middle game starts. Also try to create a solid pawn structure... avoid isolated, backward, doubled pawns (2 pawns in the same column) or pawn islands. Find a good opportunity to castle your king.
    Now generally try to use tactical methods like pins, batteries, forks, zwischenzugs, sacrifices etc. I absolutely hate forks, they are very irritating.
    In the endgame, try to promote your pawns as they are very valuable at that point of the game. Sometimes the king also can be brought to the center for attacking and also for hindering enemy king's movements.
    I also watch matches Vishwanath Anand, Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen to learn how they play.
    Don't be short sighted when playing chess, analyze each and every move across the board.
    Hope that helps

    • You forgot about the one and only Mikhail Tal. :P But yeah I do try to keep all these things in mind. Which opening do you prefer for white and black btw? For white I prefer Vienna Game. And for black I prefer Sicilian Defense. Just wonder how others feel.

    • white b1-c3 or g1-f3, center pawns trashed, cast to the shorter side, leave queen put for at least the first 6 moves, probably more like 10. remember you don't have to capture a piece every move, and try to pick things off with out taking a loss.

    • for white, i prefer french defense with slight variations of my own and for black, either i use Sicilian Defense or Queen's Gambit

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  • Practice playing against people who are better then you


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  • Whenever my buddy and I play chess (and he's good) it's a blood bath. The key is trying to analyze your oponents strategy, try to anyze every possible move, and every counter to ever move lol

  • Watch some games for Bobby Fischer.

    • The greatest player Fischer vs. The greatest attacking player Tal was one of the best chess games ever.

  • Flexxxxx


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