What are Squier Bullets like?

I was in a guitar shop on Friday and was just browsing. I asked the assistant if it was ok to pick up one of the guitars, he offered to plug it in. Just to clarify I'm completely green with no experience. I want to know if they're of good quality for a beginner,


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  • @9mfeo pretty much nailed it on the head.

    Squire is Fender's "cheap division". As I started out, I actually went Ibanez as my first electric guitar. Good $300 at the time, smooth action, thin neck, lightweight, decent for doing jazz/blues as I was in my high school jazz band at the time.

    Then I got a legit Fender Stratocaster in a garage sale. Ever since then I got an Epiphone Les Paul and SG. Most recent purchase was an ESP Led Paul style. It's basically the Les Paul design, but thinner and more lightweight, even lighter than my Ibanez. The squire bullit is a cheap stratocaster.

    But as she said, start out cheap. I recommend the Epihone SG, as I tend to lean towards Gibson more than Fender. The SG is one of the more lightweight ones out there, thin neck, really fun to play. Also it's one of the most iconic guitars out there.

    In the end, it's all about how it feels in your hands lol

    As far as amps go, I love Peavy, they have great practice/beginner amps.

    • The funny thing is that I play flamenco guitar.

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    • @9mfeo. Nice lol. I can't remember the brand name of mine, but it's sitting in my parents basement lol.

      I got more drawn to electric guitars because there are indeed some beautiful designs and a lot of craftsmanship into them. Not to mention, your typical college wannabes playing the acoustic part of stairway to heaven trying to act all nice sweet and emotional in order to get women ruined acoustics for me..

      And with my electrics, sometimes I think I'm James Hetfield, sometimes I think I'm Joe Pass lol. vs loot of styles and genres you can attempt lo

    • *There's a lot

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  • For your first guitar, it's a good idea to get something fairly inexpensive in case you don't stick with it. You can get more expensive and better quality guitars as you become more proficient.

    Squier is a subsidiary of Fender, I believe. They're decent - they're good to start with, anyway. Avoid Yamaha guitars though. They make good amps and other equipment but their guitars are subpar.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

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    • Thanks! I'll be sure to shop around before I make my mind up.

    • The people at the shop should be able to help you - make sure you tell them that you're just getting one to try it out. You can also look at a pawn shop to get something inexpensive that you can sell back if things don't work out.

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  • Well it's a bullet that can only be fired out of a gun disguised as a guitar


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