What instrument is most pleasing to your ears?

For me it's the piano by far. I wish I could play! For me, it conveys emotions far more distinctly than other instruments :D

  • Keyboard instruments, e. g. Piano
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  • Guitars
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  • Bowed string, e. g. Violin
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  • Brass, e. g. Trumpet
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  • Woodwind, e. g. Flute
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  • Other?
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  • Can't decide / Results
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  • Agreed piano is one of the most pleasing as well as one of the most useful instruments for writing. And you say you wish you could play why not learn : D. It's not that hard XD

    • I was never very good at it in Music when I did it at school, a bit over 2 years ago now. Then again, that was only 1 hour a week and it's not like I was really trying hard, plus there are over 25 people in the room all playing at the same time. Not the best conditions for learning.

      But now I don't think I have the time for it, with studies and all that. Anyway, don't you need a teacher? Or maybe a piano? :P

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    • Haha, yeah I was gonna say. I wouldn't get very far without being able to do that :)

    • Lmao learn that first : D. After you know how to read it's easy : D

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  • I would say clean electric guitar-- specifically clean guitar with a slight bit of crunch, reverb, and possibly delay.
    For instance, listen to the beginning of the song All New Materials. Such a beautiful tone, especially when combined with "jazz chords" like maj7 and maj9 stuff.

    Another example in here (with delay too). The clean part is at 2:57 and also appears in the intro for a bit.

    It also has one of the most epic solos of all time after the clean part.

    • I've got to say, I agree with you about the clean electric guitar. it's quite nice :)

  • As a multi-instrumentalist, I value the cohesion between members of a band more than the sound of the instrument itself.
    But I'll say the guitar as it is the most versatile. You don't like the clean natural sound of it? Just run it through a few effects pedals and cybertron starts crashing down onto earth.

  • stairway to heaven intro guitar on loop.

  • Piano for sure

  • The Bassoon.

  • Trumpet/flute ma ass... how many bands use those?

    And how keyboards are piano? Keyboards are an electronic instrument...

    Anyway I like keyboards/synths, saxophone, electronic drums, bass and electric guitar... those 5 are essential unlike violin/flute/trumpet/piano... u should've included those instead dude... they are way more common...

    Guess yer some classical music fan or something...

    • I only listen to music once in a blue moon, but when I do, it's always instrumental :)
      Not really a fan of electronic stuff, but there are a few good ones.

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    • I can enjoy music, I just don't listen to it as much as you :/

    • Even if ya told me 1 hour per day... it's nothing...

  • I've always like the sound of an oboe.

    It's also fun to say.