Which of these boxing movies has the best, most realistic fight scenes?

  • Raging Bull
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  • The Fighter
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  • Southpaw
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  • Ali
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  • Rocky (Any one)
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  • Cinderella Man
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  • The Boxer
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  • I like fighting movies ;)
    Both Ali and Raging Bull have cool and very realistic moves, because they are based on real boxing champions.
    The Figher and Cindarella Man are also very interesting.
    I haven't watched Southpaw yet...
    Rocky is fun but pretty much unrealistic :P

    • Yeah, all the rocky movies were unrealistic, Except Rocky Balboa. They made that fight look like an HBO PPV fight :P
      The Fighter and Cindarella man are also based on real fighers,

    • I know, but Muhammad Ali and Jake LaMotta were more charismatic :)

    • Dicky Eckland brought the charisma in the Fighter, With his crackhead antics lol

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  • I can only say that Rocky has nothing realistic in it. The guys just punch each other in turns without any defence from the opponent.

  • They all have unrealistic boxing fo make it look good for the camera
    I guess id go with ali

  • you forgot real steel... okay technically it doesn't count but still