Do you see Dear John?

It is very sad is not it? I have not been seeing pure love for a long time.
Nowadays, no one fall in love purely
Do you feel realistic rule about marriage that is crue make Dear Jhon sadly?
If we can admit one can love several lovers at the same time, maybe the rules would not be crue.

Do you see Dear John?


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  • I've seen Dear John and yes it is a very sad movie!

    I feel that the girl just married that guy because she wanted to make sure his son could stay with her when he died. It was kind of a selfless act on her part. I don't feel like she married him out of romantic love, like she had with John.

    I like to think that the lady knows she has a long life ahead of her, and this is just a temporary stop. Maybe some day she will find love, maybe some day it will be with John. But for right now she needed to be with this guy and help him while he is sick and then take care of his son when he passes.

    • Yeah indeed, somehow... it stands for realitic world.

  • Ok your grammar and I don't understand what your saying but I like that movie!

    • What is problem with my grammar? Please, correct me thanks
      And What dont you understand? I will try to explain.
      But the movie... I sigh for life

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    • Yeah, if we can love many guys, we can switch guys for being in love forever.
      So Jhon still can be her husband. I think like Arabian may not this problems.
      To be honest, we really can love many girls at the same time, can't we?

    • its your life mate! haha! (: I can't stop u!

  • I've watched Dear John about 3 times, it was one of my favorite romantic movies. Yes it is very sad but the ending makes up for it.


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