If you could make a new social website would you?

If you could get rid of Facebook and make your own social website would you?


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  • When they started I thought they were ridiculous. They were shitty cookie cutter pages of really poorly written code for people that didn't know HTML. Now the reasoning for people joining them is even more ridiculous. They just want to follow the rest of the people subscribing to a particular brand because the media and their friends said they should subscribe to the a particular brand. What does it even offer, nothing? What do they do when you subscribe? They mine all your data to study your personality so that they can spam you more effectively with emails, advertisement banners, and product placement in news stories. They track all your actions all over the internet every time you log in using a FaceBook account and record everything you do and for some reason people are like "this is fucking great"... lol

    • I agree last time I was on Facebook there was so much sex things. It's becoming porn.

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