If guns n roses tours again where will they tour?

In a perfect world they'd tour all 50 states on a world tour and tour Memphis or I'd be rich and pay for them to play the union city tn park lol


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  • I wouldn't hold my breath over that tour. Even if they start touring, I wouldn't expect Axel to show up. I'm not buying tickets

    • They are suppose to go on a 25 city 3 million per show tour

      But you are right I doubt it happens I just want them to at least put out a blu Ray of the reunion

    • I know they're supposed to, I've heard they're practicing. But I've also heard Axel is already skipping practice and showing up late / drunk.

    • I just want them to do the on off reunion and tape it for DVD at the least

      It's been 23 years since slash and William aAxl have toured

      3 x 25 75 million dollars just to tour

      Like if we were in a band and you hated me for 75 million I'd show Up on time lol

  • I'll believe their reunion tour will last to the end when I see it...


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