How did somebody like Bob Dylan, who has a bad singing voice (to some), become so big? What makes their voice listenable or attractive?

Also, if here are any singers, or songwriters on here, what can someone who can't sing do to make their voice better, or at least better in recordings? I don't want to use a synthesizer. Like I have a voice most people would laugh at if they heard me sing, but I wouldn't let anybody else sing my songs unkessni gve it to hem or asked them to sing


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  • Bob Dylan showed that you don't have to have a conventionally great singing voice to be a great singer. And he is a great singer, mostly because of his phrasing. And then he also reached the level he did because he is one of the great American songwriters, and he revolutionized popular music in the 60s.

  • There are program that automatically correct pitch in most if not all DAWS. You can use those but I prefer natural. Also I say stick with a range you are good at and strengthen that if you want to sound "good".


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