What is the best graphic novel ever written?

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  • So many good ones I can't decide between Watchmen, the dark knight returns, year one and sandman volume 1. Probably have to give the edge to Watchmen.


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  • "In His Steps" by Al Hartley. Granted, the graphics scream 1970s, but a lot of the ground it covers is surprisingly still very relevant to today. Very hard to find a decent copy of it now. I used to have one, but have no idea what happened to it. Probably got wrecked by siblings.

    I was very moved by the scene where a man who has been questioning the sincerity of his own beliefs decides to run for office after examining himself and making lifestyle changes, and then a hooker sacrifices herself to save him from violent assault from God-hating mobs that infiltrate his rally to wreak havoc. They don't even seem all that concerned that they murdered a woman in cold blood, as they continue to curse the man and his revelation and politics.

    Powerful. Moving. And this was the same hooker that earlier in the same novella, was ready to give up on herself because she found it so hard to abandon the sex and drugs that had previously taken over her life.

    What that man with the backpack had to say at the beginning before dying in the middle of a church saved thousands from themselves. And paints a very grim picture of our culture 40-some years later, when little has changed - except the parties antagonistic to the book's message have grown even more calloused.

    It contains wrenching social commentary that is still relevant decades later, and not one single superhero was needed to sell its points. It tackled a lot of the same subject matter as Sin City - but without reveling in the depravity of it nor ending on a nihilistic ending note.

    The visuals may look cheesy by today's publishing standards, but it was a pretty big deal back when Superman was still in the Silver Age and known for silliness. I wouldn't at all mind seeing the story modernized - so long as the message remains firmly intact.

  • Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
    Got to love nee


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