Do you watch Bad Girls Club?

Do you watch Bad Girls Club?
One Word: Entertainment

  • No, whats that?
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  • I rather not watch a bunch of chicks turning lesbo, then stealing each others shit, only to end up fighting all over a mansion.
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  • Yes! So ready for #BGCSeason15 this March.
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  • Haven't watched that in a while.
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  • I think I'll give it a try for once.
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  • I watch it for the hot chicks doing lesbian shit.
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  • These ladies have no class! Looks like they need charm school...
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What Girls Said 3

  • You already know whats up 🙌🏾

    • Thats what I'm talkin bout 😜

  • OMG! YESSS! That was my FAVORITE show! I haven't seen any since season 13 though. Season 12 is my favorite.

  • I don't but it looks exciting.

    • It is lol, very funny

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