Is a guy that plays guitar more atractive?

Specially if the song he is plying is thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's pretty annoying actually. Do you remember those horrible guys in high school who brought their acoustic guitars everywhere but could only play one riff over and over and over again? Horrible. If you can play, great. That's cool. But so can I, so don't try to fake it to impress me because it won't work.

    • THANKS!! Wow I was trying to find anyone who could aprecciate music. I was the other day in a party, where, as always, there was this guitar douche. And it annoys me that I also know to play, but I don't go everywhere with my guitar. And almost every single girl was around that guy. I wanted to know more opinions, thanks for letting me recover my faith in humanity XD

Most Helpful Guy

  • People who drag their steel-string around and only know basic open chord progressions are asswipes. Only classical guitar and metal - when played well - impress me.

    • I'm with you. I'm sick of this guys who only know to play G-D-Em-C songs.

    • Yeah, it makes me feel like I'm wasting time learning to play well when troglodytes play pop songs and get tons of pussy for it, haha.

      Thanks for MH!

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  • If you can sing and play well, I would say you could defintely increase your attractiveness for ladies if they see you play and stuff. It wouldn't be a thing where'd they'd date you solely from your ability, but you'll at least have something that will br attractive to (I think) most girls.

    If you just play guitar, I don't think the effect as strong. The voice and guitar go well together so if you take one out it sounds empty. However, if you want to compensate for lack of singing ability, do fingerstyle songs. I specifically remember on sonsterr. com there being "Thinking Out Loud -- fingerstyle version." I know because I've learned / played it amongst others lol. Those are pretty cool and I bet you could woo a heart if you wanted to with it xD

    In any case I voted A.

  • Not my type, but if the guy enjoys music then that is great!

  • Seems more like a douchebag to me there's a guy with a guitar round every corner.


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