So which of these realistic imaged Disney Princes would you date if you could?

So the Finnish artist Jirka Vättäninen have handdrawn these amazing artworks and all credits should go to her, she's a brilliant artist and probably one of the best in my opinion.

So one of her projects is making a realistic verison of different male characters from various Disney franchies and god they look sooo goood! So now the question follows: If you were able to choose one of them to a date which one would you? Have fun and enjoy the art! ^^

1. Prince Charming from Cinderella

So which of these realistic imaged Disney Princes would you date if you could?
2. Aladdin from Aladdin
3. Kristoff from Frozen

4. John Smith from Pocahontas

5. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beatuy

6. Tarzan from Tarzan

7. Hercules from Hercules

  • 1. Prince Charming
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  • 2. Aladdin
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  • 3. Kristoff
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  • 4. John Smith
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  • 5. Prince Phillip
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  • 6. Tarzan
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  • 7. Hercules
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'll go with Phillip. But, like @Afro-dite9, I'd definitely have gone for Naveen if he'd been up there:

    • Thank u! Girlll I'm trying to tell him! Lol, I love white boy's, but Naveen take's the cake in this competition. I don't know why he thinks they're the only good looking one's, smh. But I guess he's playing dirty cause he knew Naveen would win😂

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    • Ohhhhh...😈😘really now? are u just pulling my leg because u found that one post on gag I commented on my undying love for him since 2006 ? Lol if not... ayo @889889 "WHAT'S GOOD?"*Nicki Minaj voice*
      don't make me hire a p. i and catch a flight to Sweden!

    • shit i didn't see this I'm so sorry! LOL! u have good taste! ;)

Most Helpful Guy

  • that ain't john smith. that's fucking jamie lannister.

    • Lmfao 😂😂😂 I swear I said that too

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    • Lmao @Other_Tommy_Wiseau they do look like entertainer's, bit I can't figure out who either. Not a smart idea like u said. But I guess

    • hahahaha, damn, right!!!

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  • Look at my boy aladdin

  • Hercules looks so real lol.

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