M. I. A Feat. Lucky Luciano - Paper Planes Remix (New 2016) what You think about the song?

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  • Who the fuck is Lucky Luciano? Rappers still kissing racist, white, gangster booty? Dislike just because of that guy. I like the original song and I like M. I. A.

    • Ya i bet you dont like it because the Rapper happens to be Mexican people on this site or so Racist what's wrong with mexican rappers? most are way better than all these fake ass mainstream Artist

    • I like Mexican rappers. The best female rapper is Snow da Product. She's 100% Mexican. Literally from Mexico. I also liked one of Kap G's projects. I like Big Pun (he's Puerto Rican though. R. I. P.). His son is good too, Chris Rivers.

      Always with the mainstream hate. You always find people like that. People who hate on the mainstream. I like all streams really. I listen to underground stuff. I just heard the Madlib album with Blue and Med called "Bad Neighbor". It's underground. You can't say Madlib ain't underground. Look at what he did with MF Doom. That guy is the underground of the underground. So just stop. You don't know what you're talking about.

  • I'm more of a rock kind of person..

  • Dont care for it...

    • @Crazyrambox3 What is your problem?

    • You asked what people thought about, i answered that i dont care for it (meaning i dont like it much)...

    • You have got some serious problems dont you...

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