Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

How many of you have seen and could relate to Ferris Bueller by wanting to cut class even just for one day to have some fun with your besties. I love 80's movies but this one strikes a chord with me for three reasons, I spent my formative years in Illinois, I used to skip a lot my sophomore year in high school, and I would later date a guy who had a resemblance to Matthew Broderick, who was a cutie back then ;) What about you guys?


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  • I can understand wanting to take a day off, but I'd never say I relate to Ferris Bueller. The kid's a manipulative, evil, con-artist with no respect for anyone. He fools not only his parents, but the entire city into thinking he's sick. The latter of which believes it's some sort of terminal illness and start raising money for him. He manipulates his clearly depressed (and actually sick mind you) friend Cameron into stealing his father's beloved car for his own amusement (only to leave it in a parking garage for most of the film, where it's basically taken for a joy ride by people Ferris insulted). He cons his way into an expensive restaurant and swindles food from them. Then there's the whole mess he gets his principal into, a man who only wishes to see Ferris buckle down and get a proper education. What does he get for going beyond the call of duty and visiting Ferris at his home? He gets beaten to within an inch of his life, his car gets towed, and his spirit gets broken by a myriad of embarrassing events. Oh but he's the authoritative figure trying to bring down the cool and subversive Ferris, so it's okay.

    And that's the worse part: Ferris gets away with all of these things! You could argue that the film's message is: evil always triumphs.

    (I actually really enjoy the movie, but I also enjoy this interpretation of the film which I got from a review of the film done by Noah Antwiler aka The Spoony One.)

    To be honest I related more towards Cameron, who I believe is the real protagonist of the film. Ferris is just an imaginary, idealized version of himself he wishes he could be.

    • I think I heard of that. Is it the fight club theory? It says that Ferris is just an alter ego of Cameron. Its interesting to think about but I don't read that much into films.

    • For Ferris being a figment of Cameron's imagination? Yeah that's the theory. I'm a movie nut so I enjoy picking apart movies and seeing them through different interpretations. I'd actually argue that it makes Ferris Bueller's Day Off make more sense, but again it's just a theory.

    • Yeah. I can see how given the plot line of cameron being sick can open it up to that interpretation.

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  • Yes!!! That is such a fun movie 😍


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  • It is a great movie that I enjoy watching on occasion :D

    • yeah. It is one of those movies that never gets old every time you see it. Not to mention the iconic parade scene lol.

    • Haha yeah the parade scene is definitely iconic

  • I just love the movie. It doesn't particularly "strike a chord" with me, although I skipped school every now and then.


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