Are clone troopers good or bad?

I'm watching star wars with my crush and I know nothing about it. Please tell me little facts about the series.


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  • Neither really

    Originally created from Jango fetts DNA, at first they kinda fought for the "rebels" and the light side jedi you know the "good guys"against the droids. But then they defected and joined "evil empire" becoming stormtroopers

    So they did good and bad. . . . more bad then good but they still did some good you know?

    But to be honest can you really blame them? It was order 66 and the sith that caused the whole thing

    Clones are kinda like blank slates, they'll just do what they're ordered to for the most part.

    Commander Cody is one of the well known clone troopers

    Yeah, I don't know that much about star wars, I haven't even watched all the films (don't murder me star wars fans) but I do play the games


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  • Don't worry. If you mess up and say the wrong thing, you can always just wait until you watch Return of the Jedi and ask your crush whether or not he thinks princess leia's costume would look good on you.

  • Well, according to the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, the clone troopers are typically good. They develop their own personalities and mannerisms, some can be cruel or kind, others brave or cowardly. Considering they're fighting for the republic they generally are considered good guys. Which is why Palpatine had them implanted with a mind control chip that activates upon activating Order 66.

    And for future reference, the storm troopers in Episodes IV-VI are NOT clones. They were decommissioned shortly after the clone wars and regular soldiers were used for the Empire.

  • first time I read someone wants a spoiler


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