What type of phone should I get?

I'm thinking about getting a new phone, what type should I get? iPhone 6s or the newest android? And why
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  • it totally depends on you, apple or rather iOS is closed source meaning the development code is with only apple and only apple can modify or create better features in iOS where as Android is open source and the code is available for all to improvise upon. Now due to this reason there are lots of apps in Google (most of them are useless and shit but still ) and apple appstore has limited no of apps. Apple is very well known for its security.
    Apparently, people will say that apple is less vulnerable and very secure, although it's quite the opposite. I'm not saying android is more secure or it has less virus but the fact is apple has more vulnerabilities than android.

    Now again, if you have knowledge about bootloaders, ROM, Flashing, Kernals, etc etc then you can install different ROM's like MIUI, BlissRom, CyanogenMod etc etc whereas if you are buying apple, you are stuck with plain old iOS. You can even change your bootanimation if you phone is rooted.

    Apple graphic specs are damn good but the phones are very fragile and performance wise Android phones beats apple easily. Also Android phones are tough and have good build. I dropped my phone like so many times (read 100+ times) and my phone doesn't even have a single crack.

    Now you can root a android phone. Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jailbreaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn't normally allow you to.

    Apple's cloud system is topnotch, Android doesn't even come close in cloud tech.

    Considering all these, i would tell you to choose Android. Rest is your wish.
    And i am planning to buy Xiaomi Mi5... that phone is a beast.


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  • Get an iPhone. People say about Apple stuff having shit specs but the truth is Apple software does not require huge specs to work. Also Andriod had lots of bad apps when I was on it. Apple has no bad apps. Android also slows down, Apple products stay fast and working. My old Android won't stay on the internet now because of bugs. This does not happen to Apple stuff because even after all these years there is very little to no bugs or viruses for Apple.

    • Also your privacy is much more protected on an iPhone than Android.

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    • cdn.ndtv.com/.../iphone_android_antutu.jpg
      This benchmark result shows that Apple performance isn't bad, on the contrary it beats the 2nd topmost android phone by 41% . Xiaomi Mi5 tops the chart with a score of 1,43,000 which is like only 10000 points ahead. Apple's cloud technology is damn good as compared to google's. But you get more privileges in android after rooting and android is completely customizable. Yeah, i totally agree with your point that android maybe suited for some people and apple is suited for other people.

    • @capsteverogers yes, Android is far more customizable but that is the problem with why the internet on my Android does not work now. Yes, for what some people need to do Apple is a pain but for others it is good because it stays way more reliable. It really is a matter of what suits you best.

  • I got the new Samsung Galaxy S6 for me in October. It was my first smartphone ever. I am very happy with my decision to get it.

    From my initial experience entering the world of smartphones, your pick should satisfy two conditions:
    1. Modern, feature-rich, versatile and reliable enough to use for no less than 5 years into the future.
    2. Get the appropriate model for your needs, if you don't need what the premium models offer, get a mid-tier or a cheaper model. Make sure you get the features you definitely need, even in the future.

  • #TeamAndroid
    iPhones are overrated as hell...

  • iphones have shit specs dont waste your money

  • Totally depends on you.

    But I'd go with Samsung because their screens and colors in the screens are gorgeous looking; the colors in the iPhone seem bland and dull as hell compared next to it

  • Nokia 3000, you don't even need a case for it!


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