What's with a bunch of Gagers liking grungy music?

What's with a bunch of Gagers liking grungy music? It sounds sludgy and gross. I equate a lot of the harder rock grungy music to tough guys. Nobody likes a tough guy lol. My friends also refer to it as butt rock. 😂

Nothing wrong with liking it but can someone explain the appeal? I like rock based music but grunge just sounds horrible to me.


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  • Unless you grew up during the times of Nirvana, I guess you wouldn't understand. It's like any era where that's all you hear on the radio unless your listening to classics. I'm no big fan of it, but it was out there along with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, etc. At least we had the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.

    I have a hard time understanding how someone likes death metal with lead singers who just scream at the top of their lungs with no vocal ability.

    • Well I was a 90's kid. But my parents played a lot of 80's early 90's prog and new-age and punk when I was young. I always liked the sound of 3eb growing up and Blink 182 was a pretty influential early 00's band.

      Out of those bands you mentioned though, I'm only really a fan of RHCP, they had a style all their own.

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  • It's called individual preference. You don't like it, but that doesn't give anyone the right to diss another person's preference in music

    • That wasn't the point of the question (to diss those that do) I just want to understand why the sound appeals to people. I like vibrant chords and melodies, and sometimes those that are really unorthodox, but I feel like there is a depressing quality to grunge.

    • OK the only thing pissing me off is you calling it disgusting. You don't like it. That's all you need to know.

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  • Music is objective, maybe you think it's shit I think it's pretty good but whatever everyone has different tastes. Also would you equate Nirvana and Foo fighters because their pretty popular and considered grunge.

    • I don't actually feel that Foo Fighters are all that grungy. Just a rock band in its purest form.

    • Me neither but I just used them because I needed a mainstream/popular example (I don't even like them)

    • I'm not the biggest fan of them, but I will acknowledge that they are a fantastic band nonetheless. All of their hits are awesome.

  • What specifically are you talking about? Nirvana and Pearl Jam are great.

    • I personally have never really enjoyed them. A song or two maybe but even then, it's not something I would ever flip my iPod on to listen to. I don't know what it is. I really can't stand today's generation of grunge and hard rock though, the "Five Finger Death Punch"es of today. Stuff like that. Total tough guy rock.

    • What I don't like is about 90% of rap/hip-hop. At least rock requires someone to play a musical instrument. A lot of that is a guy with a drum machine.

  • So what does it matter?

    • I just want to understand the appeal. I personally have just never seen the appeal.

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