Should I get an Xbox or a PS? Which is better?

Which is better for just gaming? What's the difference between them?


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  • Microsoft just announced that ost of their exclusive games will cme to PC soon so it's not really worth buying a Xbox anymore. The PS4 has slightly better graphics, looks better (imo) is a bit smaller, and it has good games coming out soon. The biggest difference is the games that are available for each console, the friends you can play with (check what your friends have so you can play together it's more fun, they have separate severs so you can't play with someone who has a different console). Yeah so mainly you should look at which games you like. For PS4 I can highly recommend The Last of Us and the Uncharted series they're among the best games you can find. I don't have a Xbox so I might be a little biased lol. Anyway good luck making your decision and have fun :). Pc gaming is also good by the way.


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  • PS4 :
    Better Graphics
    Controllers are more comfy to use


    Can hook your cable tv /satellite tv to it

    Can Hook up Xbox 360 to it.

    Better for multiplayer gaming

    Controller is a little uncomfortable compared to xbox360 or ps4 controller

    Mostly shooter games that I know of...

    I own both PS4 and Xbox One

    Both are really good.

    Depends on the games you want to play.


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  • Questions to ask.

    What type of games do you like? Look at the exclusives for each console and see which one has the more appealing exclusives.

    The biggest question though should be is which do your friends play if they do play if you intend on doing multiplayer.

  • i have both and play my xbox one more as its more social friendly and you get more for your money, however ps4 has better graphics, and way better resolution for a more enjoyable gaming experience. ps4 controller is also better however playing with friends is better on xbox and the whole profile/interface on xbox shits on the ps4.

    get an xbox :D

  • Ps has like no multiplayer games. Depending on what you like. Most of what I see are single player though. What kind of games do you like?

  • what sort of games are you into?

    shooters, rpgs, puzzle games, platformers?


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