What is NFL all about people?

So, I started to follow the American football recently (actually the last superbowl was my first live full game) . I find it very interesting and entertaining to say at least. But I can't undertand how it works or what it's main tournments? Like how do thos teams get to the superbowl game? what is the NFL preseason , regular season?
I would really appreciate it if someone explained it to me.


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  • Read up on it dude. Google would tell you more than any of us can.

    I will start you off and say there are 32 teams (I think) in the NFL. The NFL started off as two different leagues, and they are divided. There's the National league and the American league. Within those two are divisions.

    They play a total of 17 games. That's the season. After that season they go into what's called the playoffs. The teams with the best records get into the playoffs. The playoffs is for a chance to get into the Superbowl.

    You mentioned preseason. Preseason doesn't count towards their records, but it is a good way to get a look at live action for that season. They play 4-6 games. I think 6 though. Not quite sure.

  • American football.


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