My dad likes nickelback?

Sometimes he has good taste
This time not so much


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  • so, what made your dad so miserable?

    • I don't know, Some of his taste in music is great
      He saw the Drive By Truckers live
      They kick utter ass and may be my favorite band
      When my dad taught ROTC at michigan state, he was in his late twenties and all his students were talking about how they hated they couldn't get tickets to REM
      My dad came up and said, "Oh yeah I was there. They kicked ass." His students were all like "Captain blahblah You like REM"
      But I mean I don't know.
      They aren't like his favorite band or anywhere near that, but he says they aren't terrible

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    • also, rem is pretty dope. i only really know their 1 song (maybe 2), but it's a damn good song!

    • Canadian bands aren't bad always
      Rush kicks ass
      Neal peart can play in one time on one arm and another time on the other (Drums)
      Geddy lee plays bass, sings, and plays keyboard at the same time and is probably one of th best bassists ever

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