Anybody into eSports on this site?


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  • I used to watch StarCraft Brood War matches and some Starcraft 2 matches. SC2 is really same-y though.

    • I got into SC2 when it came out in 2010, Bomber, MMA, Parting & Huk were some of my favorite players but I feel like the game is dying. I watched BlizzCon and it was pretty good but other than that I haven't watched much.

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    • Every single ZvT is just marine+marauder vs muta/ling/bane

      There's zero versatility

    • Well the balance is very hard to get right I think, the pro gamers will find anything that'sslighty op and abuse it so it's hard to have all units viable but not too strong. The balance is just a headache.

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  • I pretty much just watch CS:GO tournaments, ESL etc.

    • That's cool, I watch a bunch of different stuff, but not everybody has to do that ;)

    • Not really a fan of things like MOBAs and strategy games and the only online competitive game I play is CS:GO so yeah.

  • Yeah... TSM got beat by a challenger series team at IEM on Friday. So embarrassing what that team has become.

    • Well that was pretty much a organisational fuck up, I still don't really know what Reginald was thinking. All the reasons they gave for giving up the team seemed like excuses. How do you just give away a top 4 team? I'm a Fnatic fan so I don't have too many worries :P. They're insanely good. I was a LoL fan first and then I started watching CS:GO. One of the first tournaments I watched was the Fnatic vs LDLC boost controversy, there was so much hate against them, I went the other way :P. Anyway good luck with TSM I think they're gonna need it ;)

    • Three of them flat out quit. I don't think Reginald was sad to see them go though. Santorin was playing terribly, and Dyrus tilts like crazy. He's too emotional. The funniest thing is that Turtle was struggling last season on TSM, and now he's kicking ass on Immortals. It's pretty clear that it was the team environment that was inhibiting his play. I'm guessing Doublelift and Yellowstar bail after this season ends.

      This sport really needs a lot of expansion in support staff. And if they really think they're in it for the long haul, they need to start grooming players younger on a competitive level to develop teamwork and practice skills. Especially in NA.

      Cloud 9 is my team. Hai really wants to quit, but he's too loyal to the team and they just can't find anyone to shot call as well as he can, so he keeps on trucking.

    • Ah I thought you were talking about the CS:GO debakel, the TSM LoL team is doing pretty ok I think, they're not beasting but They're high up in the league and they made it to the semis, no shame in losing to SKT. Yeah C9 has some problems, but I think Hai is still the best option they have atm.

  • I've always been big into Halo. I play Halo 5 quite a bit, watch the big tournaments...

    The recent event at the Winter X Games was pretty awesome. I can't think of a better competitive console FPS.

    • I watched a bunch of Halo a few years ago and it was really great but I haven't wtached too much of the new one yet, just one tournament.

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