Which Predator movie is your favorite?

Which Predator movie is your favorite?
Which movie in the Predator film franchise is your favorite? Predator, Predator 2, or Predators?

I'd say mine is Predator, because you can't go wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though I have a soft spot for Predator 2, despite some of its flaws I enjoyed the direction it took. Predators was kind of a watered down version of Predator in my opininon.

Who else is looking forward to the new film directed by Hawkins himself, Shane Black?

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  • It looks like girls and women are rarely into this type of film genre. Not that they aren't or never, but judging from the lack of any response from any of them at this time I presume that that it's hard for them to get into any of them, or for someone to try and get them interested in this type of movie. They either get grossed out by it or think it may be lame for them, and see them as just another very violent science fiction action film with some cheeziness here and there but then again, what doesn't?

    Personally, from my very own perception of these films, NOTHING beats the Original Predator because that's when it was actually Fresh and Captivating for being new and the first time.

    The sequels are more flawed than the original because the director had changed, original main characters had also changed, the settings had changed, and many more drastic changes taking it in different directions. Predators tried to go back to the original Jungle like setting of the original, but only this time it's not even on Planet Earth.

    Although I did enjoy the second Predator film for introducing a large variety of Predator technology such as newer equipment and weapons which later were re-used in later video games and in the comic books/graphic novels, the story, characters, and pretty much everything else just doesn't come nearly as close as the first. I think there was many inconsistencies and plot-induced stupidity. I mean seriously, a Predator gets stuck on the ledge need to activate a self destruct? Is it even believable that a Predator would be dumb enough to NOT hold onto it's weapon (the Disc) and let someone else to try and take control of it?

    And then they further contradict this by the end of the film that the Predator species are established to be more like the samurai and have a harsh code of honor. Wow, so they were supposed to be "honorable", but does the action of activating a micro-thermal nuclear explosive device which would potentially kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent victims that the Predator would not be hunting be a Complete Contradiction of it's Code of Honor? I get the idea they should blow themselves up to wipe out all traces of their technology and equipment from falling into the wrong hands or the hands of any other potentially intelligent and dangerous species such as humans, but I can't see that as a justification. Just my thoughts on it.

    • As for Predators, oh boy, this was messy in many ways too. I don't hate it or like it that much, but I was really pissed off that Fox didn't bother to make a single AvP movie consistent with the comics and video games and set them in the far distant future and in outer space. Because the Setting used for Predators is proof that Fox could have done that in the First Place for an AvP movie's plot. But nooooo, instead, Fox only cared about saving money to make money.

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  • The orginal one with Arnold!


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  • I like the 2nd one the best, but Predators was good too. The first one is a classic, but eh 2nd is best to me.

  • The all suck, but when it comes down to choosing... I say the firs part.

    • I think either way for films like these you either like 'em or ya don't.

      If very violent science fiction action and/or creature films aren't something that is your cup of tea or something you are really into or interested in, then these type or genre of movie isn't for you, or that you would like to watch.

      I said the sequels are never going to come close to holding a candle to the original. It's the same how I feel about many reboots, and remakes that aren't coming out frequently more than ever nowadays from holllywood.

  • Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    ... wtf is a requiem?

    • Eugh... If you enjoy it that's perfectly fine, but I try to imagine that the AVP films didn't exist.

      Really the only reason it's called requiem--which can be a mass for the dead, a musical composition, or an act of remembrance--is so that they could beat you over the head with its R rating, which a lot of fans were up in arms about over the first film.

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