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Another Song I wrote produced... Whatever... If I have to say this every time I'll die
: P

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Would you or would you not bang? This is a serious question. #Nohomo
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Fixed for you guys vocal volume.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting effect with the piano and delay and stuff.

    Some things I would consider for the mix:
    -- Again the vocals are hard to understand in my opinion. I hear the pitch, the tone, and the fact there is a vocal track playing, but it isn't clear enough to hear individual words.
    A possible thing you may want to consider is EQing some of the low end bass out of the vocals with a high pass filter... especially at 2:40 but overall I believe a bit too. I think it is muddying up the mix a little. Granted, this takes a bit more of trial and error, but it is just a thought. I could be wrong. You may just want to check it out lol

    Then again, if the intended effect was to get your vocal track like this, that is totally up to you.

    -- Is the reverb on the vocals running through a bus or is the effect directly on the track? It may help clarity if you take the reverb and run it through a bus, that way the original copy of the sound still is played. For my mixes personally, I tend to run reverb 90% of the time through via bus rather than direct unless I want it to sound really distant. For vocals especially since they require a lot of clarity.

    -- When you are singing, you may perhaps want to make the spacing between each word a bit more succinct vs legato. That may also help with the clarity. Like pronouncing the ends of words just slightly choppy to make it easier to tell between notes for the listener.

    I know it may sound a bit critical with the above things, but it is a cool mix! Keep it up! I know the hours it takes for this kind of stuff. I actually just got done with the mixing of the last of 4 songs my band was working on tonight. It takes foreverrr
    But yeah, I dig the background stuff and the instruments. Once you fix the vocals and the clarity of them, it will be sweet.

    • Got it. Will keep working on it.

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    • @guynextodoor Lol I don't write for the sake of writing long things though. I just try to get all my thoughts across and sometimes all I can do to do that is make a long opinion.

    • mega thought 600rv ver5.2

Most Helpful Girl

  • I like the sound, the music is nice, but I'm not a fan of the vocals, the combination of both didn't work very well.

    I liked it, it's not bad, but it can get better.

    I agree with dangerdoge, it's just hard to understand what he's saying.

    keep working on it, you're doing good

    by the way, I would bang

    • Yeah I will probably lessen the reverb on my vocals next time I think that's the prob.

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  • cool idea,
    i just think that you were singing one scale flat than the music, which didn't allow it to be in sync with the song, also you might think about reducing the volume of that high pitched voice so that the lyrics may get more clarity, otherwise you have good sense of music.

  • Couldn't hear a thing dude. Why don't you numb down the music so we could hear the vocals?
    Or just don't use music if you want just your vocals to be judged.

    • Fixed takumii try new link.

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    • Nice, you might actually shine !!
      I would want free tickets for concerts though , that too backstage passes.

    • Yeah course you'll be in the crew : P.

  • I voted B just because you can't bang sounds. 😂

  • I want to be like you when I grow up ❤

  • nice! :)

    • Yeah but did you answer the question though?

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    • hmm i wouldn't just ask. that scares people now...

    • Dam... I remember back in the day when people used to walk up to each other asking for sex... Those were the golden days. I also remember when we used to court women with our feats of strength like hunting wild animals and offering certain gifts to the fathers of young women. Where have those days gone RGB? Why is society so f'd up now?

  • I enjoyed listening the song :) :) XD

  • can't really hear your words

  • 0|0

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