Was there something about those 90s movies?

I was flipping through and seen problem child 1 and 2. Have to say part 2 is better. Seemed more thought out, kind of strange for a sequel to be better, Murph the bully finally gets his add handed to him to, guy got on nerves. Movies from 85-95 had that magic feel to them, i don't know what it is but they never do get old, I wonder if those were all John Hughes movies? He's like a comedy legend?


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  • I love John Hughes, his films had that feeling, that nostalgia that feeling that anything is possible.

    Like when Andie showed up to prom in that beautiful dress she created. She showed her haters, just because she was poor doesn't mean she isn't as good as the other kids. Or in 16 candles, when Samantha leaves the church and Jake is standing in front of his car (SWOON!). Or when Ted gets his chance with the super hot popular girl in school!

    John Hughes created those moments in film which so many people wished they could experience. His characters were very relatable.

    I think the films from that time have a certain element of innocense to them. There weren't computers like we have today. Yes, computers existed, but people connected in person and face to face. Not via the internet. Life seemed more simple back then.

    I think people identify with that in the movies and that is why they are so special. Plus the story lines were really good.

    • Wow that is very well put

    • Welcome. Today they were showing the Back to the Future movies. Robert Zemekis was another good producer. Also seen Forrest Gump tonight, the Jenny grave scene gets me everytime

  • 80s & 90s movies are the best!


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