What is the best dance move you've ever seen?

It has to be 1 move not a whole choreography we can do that another time.
For me it's the body roll in this song. I'm not into either of these girls (for the reccord :P ) but the dance move is still awesome/hot. The song is also not bad for a pop song ;)



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  • The airwalk in pole dancing

    • Ah yeah that's pretty cool :)

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    • It doesn't have to be impressive it's the simplicity and it works super well with the female body :P. And it fits well with the song aswell. There is actually a Kpop song where they do pole dancing (including the air walk) It's called first love by the group After school you can check it out if you want :).

    • Haha, im gonna make a pass on that. Not into Kpop really :) cheers anyway ☺️

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