80s music poll: favorite era of 80s music?

  • Early 80s (1980-1982)
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  • Mid 80s (1983-1986)
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  • Late 80s (1987-1989)
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  • All of it!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Difficult to choose... I'm an 80s fan generally and all 3 eras are great in their own way...

    Well depends on each genre... for example New Wave was better in early 80s... most of ma favorite New Wave albums came out in 1978-1982 ... for example INXS and Simple Minds' first albums released between 1979-1982

    In mid 80s AOR and Glam Metal were at their best... and we had many 60s-70s artists shiftin' into an AOR direction were they sounded great I believe...

    In late 80s we had some pretty good electronic/freestyle bands and artists like Information Society, Johnny O or Kon-Kan...

    Well pretty much I believe every music genre sounded better in 80s thanks to 80s production techniques...

    • Awesome comment, man! The great thing about 80s music is that it still sounds cool and fresh to this day. Like you said, I think the production techniques of back then have a lot to do with that. The 80s were all about putting the extra effort into making the song sound as good as possible. Ever since then, production seems to have taken a back seat most of the time.

      By the way, Im so happy you mentioned AOR, my favorite genre of the 80s, and probably my favorite overall too. I agree with what you said about 60s and 70s artists shifting to AOR, especially bands like Chicago, REO Speedwagon etc.
      A lot of people say they "sold out" when they changed to 80s style, but I think they just adapted to the times, and played some awesome music too, if I do say so myself.

      Anyways, hanks for commenting sir, stay 80s! 😎

    • Of course dude... definitely 80s are ma favorite era in music...

Most Helpful Girl

  • late 80s... Freestyle Music ♡

    • Awesome, finally a late 80s vote. I know she's not really freestyle, but what do you think about Debbie Gibson? I think she's way underrated ❤️

    • she sings nice!!!

    • I love her voice so much, it's very dreamy. You have beautiful music taste. Enjoy your late 80s freestyle!

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