Do you like Asian music? Would you share some with us?

Which is your favourite Asian music?
Please share, and tell us which country in Asia it comes from.

Here are some I like:

Lethe (South Korea)

I'm back (China)

Love and Hate (China)

Ong Bak film soundtrack (Thailand)

This one is from the Appleseed film and series (Japan)


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  • I like Kpop and there's also some Japanese music I like. I should really check out japanese music more becaue they seem to have amazing singers but I haven't had the time or known where to look so I know them from anime only (Kpop songs are way easier to find). This song is awesome.

    In Kpop I like mainly the girl groups
    2NE1 is my favorite They are super badass amazing performers on stage. They have so much energy and stage presence and I really like their songs: for some videos
    2. Snsd The most popular girl group in Korea they have a ton of songs and most of them are pretty good. They're basically royalty :P
    3. Girl's Day They are the masters of the cute love song and have also done some sexy concepts aswell. I like most of their songs.
    4. Crayon Pop
    They are the most weird but awesome people I've ever seen. They do weird stuff but they do it with such enthusiasm and conviction that I just gotta love them :)
    5. BIGBANG They won artist of the year 2015 they have a bunch of good songs and they're the only guy group that I have in my top ten kpop groups. Most people would have them at number 1 but Idc :).
    Chill song :)
    I hope I didn' put too much stuff in here


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