What are your favorite Epic Rap Battles of History lyrics?

Here are some of mine

You wrote a little book, got 'em fired up
Had a Beer Hall Putsch, got 'em fired up
When your bunker started gettin fired up
You put a gun in your mouth and FIRED UP --- Darth Vader to Hitler

Don't tee off with me laddy
If you held my balls you couldn't be my caddy
My style's ice cold, yours is old and shabby
You may be father of your country, but I'm your daddy. --- William Wallace to George Washington

Did you catch that? Or did it go too fast to detect?
Perhaps if it be better if i added a "bleep" or a "bloop" or another wacky sound effect --- Sir Isaac Newton

Cause I'm N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E
And I'll end any mother fucker like my name in a spelling bee! -- Nietzsche

I'll smack that warmongerin head out of your to-go box hat
So here's the real golden rule
I'm way above you weak rookies
Confucious say "You can all hold these fortune cookies!" -- Confucious to Lao Tzu and Sun Tzu
Forgot these:

You don't want to mess with the Frank
Who hangs with B. Franks
giving ladies beef franks -- Voltaire to Socrates

I've heard that EP and I transcribed it here.
Tell me, what comes after the 68th measure of diarrehea
You go piano to fortississimo
That means soft to very ver loud 'cause I'm guessing that you didn't know
Why don't you put down our cubase and pick up a real bow
I rocked harder than you when I was 5 years old --Mozart to Skrillex


Most Helpful Girl

  • Omggggg I love epic rap battles of history!!!😍😍😍 These guy's honeatly rap better than modern artist. I can't say all the line's but my all time fav's are:

    Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lector" you prey on a prostitute and play with her body. I don't mind that your naughty, Jack. I hate that your sloppy. Barney, take me back to solitary confinement. Cause this little dirty lamb has just been silenceddd"

    Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King "I see through you like pantyhose" "Poutey little poet with an opiate affliction. I'm a workaholic with a fiction addiction" "once upon a midnight dreary, as I spit this weak and wreary UGHHHHHH, buy y'all can't hear me"

    Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley"Woooo! I didn't lose any chocolate, I just added vanilla"

    Deadpool vs Baba Fett "I'll beat your ass with one eye closed. Boba Fetty Wap"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Shaka Zulu vs. Julius Caesar"Sent you back to Rome with a message from the ZULU!" "And get fucked by just more than Cleopatra in AFRICAAAA!"

    Mitt Romney vs. Barrack Obama "Need to stop hating on gay's and let them teach you how to dress" "so white and rich it's like I'm running against a cheesecake" "before I beat you with my STIMULUS PACKAGE!"

    Master Chief vs. Leonidas" NOT -SO-FASTTT! Cortana say's your Greek.. so why don't you stick these lyrics up your ASS!" "300 asses needed kicking, give more tea bags than lipton"

    Zeus vs. Thor"I'd spit in your face, but you'd probably like it" "I'm the farther of the God's, out your daddy on the phone" "Now make like your daddy and swallow my babies" "I don't get nice, I get NORSE"

    Superman vs. Goku " You got that camel toeeee, I'll report to Lois Lane and Superman that hoooo"

    Artist's vs. TNMT "Yo my name is Ralpheal and I came to flow" "I bone til I croak let me pass it up to my man on the ceilinggggg""Splinterrrrrrrr"

    Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe"Somebody wrap this bitch back up in a carpet"

    Bonnie&Clyde vs. Romeo&Juliet" Romeo o Romeo wherefor you trying to flow yo, modo you're soft as a froyo" " you can't even protect your best friend from , John Leguizamooo!"


Most Helpful Guy

  • "Now listen up Lawrence
    I hope its understood
    get right back in your van
    and get the fuck out of my neighborhood" Mr. Rodgers to Mr. T

    • Lmao I loved that one tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • @Afro-dite9 yeah I thought Boba destroyed deadpool

    • Omggggg yessss esp with that"I'll beat your ass with one eye closed, boba fetty WAP!" I died laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • I love ERB:
    Some of my favorites are :
    There's a crowd of millions waiting to hear my symphonies
    You wanna be a little white Usher here show them to their seats
    Beethoven vs Justin Bieber

    Lady Gaga vs Sarah Palin was so funny:
    I think I'd rather elect a smurf than vote for you
    Governor of alaska?
    That's like the principal of a home school!

    Just trust me, your fifteen minutes of fame came and went
    Go back to your igloo
    Spend some time with your kids before they're pregnant

    Oh, is it me? Well here's my first issue
    I barely even know enough about you to diss you
    But do you guys honestly think that I'd screw this feud up
    And lose to the dude a huge toothy cootchie chewed up?
    That's bananas! I do damage when I brandish my katanas
    Man, I'll slice you up then vanish in my ladybug pajamas
    Deadpool vs Boba Fett
    I thought Deadpool came out really strong here because it's true Boba Fett mostly just looks badass, he's not the most developed character and that makes it harder for Deadpool to win.

  • Ooh, can I be a hyena? 'Cause I'm going to laugh
    I'll pave roads with the bones of your goat-herding ass
    First my front lines will drop back and spank you in the chest
    Then I'll decimate your horns, you can't outflank the best
    Let your reserves come at me, my ballista's cocked and ready
    When I take aim, I always keep my whole crew steady
    'Cause there's no use in murdering you and your heathen
    You can grow my wheat for me after you're beaten
    -- Julius Caesar to Shaka Zulu

  • Mine is Einstein vs Hawking's

    " there are 10 billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion particles in the universe, your mama took the ugly ones and put them into none nerd."
    I loved that xD

    Romney vs Obama.
    "Before I hit you with ma stimulus package" xD

    MLK Jr vs Gandhi
    "I spit yoga fire" lmao. "I admire the way you broke the British power, but I have a dream, that one day you'll take a shower " xD

  • Good thing I keep time in the slave 1 because your style makes me space sick
    Your bars like your old pal cable fuckin basic.
    I'll smack a merc in the mouth of he doesn't quit running that lip off
    Nitch who you calling clone you're a Deathstroke ripoff
    You got Spiderman eyes and
    Snakeeyes weapons
    You got woulverines powers man you're comic sloppy seconds
    That Dr killbrew dude needs to go back to med school because right now

    You're no good to me deadpool.

    Boba fett vs deaspool, not even a competition.

  • I don't really watch those.

    • Ok no more ass shot's in ur pm for this oneπŸ˜‘

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    • Meowwwwwwwww lol yes a MF pussyyyyy! It's ok if u can't handle all of this son! At least u tried*pat on the back*

    • @Afro-dite9 I think I can lol.

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