Your Top 3 Horror movies and WHY?

Mine is:
1) The Exorcist
- by far the scariest movie of all time to me, even more scary is because it's based on a real story and there were so many jumps.

2) 28 Weeks later
- Quite action oriented but it gave me the most jumps and tension of any of the movies i've seen/ I love that the zombies aren't slow and you never know what to expect

3) Wrong turn
- I had low expectations for this movie when i first seen it, but it's interesting, they caused a lot of tension, especially the sneaking scenes etc

What are your favourites and why


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  • 1. Alien
    A classic sci-fi horror if there ever was one.

    2. Paranormal Activity
    While there are those that don't enjoy this film. I feel the atmosphere it generates by using the found footage technique is steeped in unrelenting terror. The first two sequels weren't bad either, but they got worse as things went along.

    3. Cube
    This one is more of a thriller, sure, but has its terrifying moments, plus it's a bit of a horror film for nerds. Giant cube made of numerous cube-shaped rooms that move and have death traps. Where the only way to know which rooms are safe is through mathematical prowess. It's a fun, horrifying, and thrilling film. It's sequel isn't too bad either, though definitely more sci-fi as well.


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  • Dawn of the Dead (1978).

    No contest, literally my favorite movie ever. What distinguishes it from most other zombie films is that it takes place at the BEGINNING of the epidemic, showing how society gradually collapses--how social institutions fail and the epidemic spirals out of control. Utterly terrifying, watching as Guardsman and rednecks desperately try clearing out the countryside of zombies.

    My favorite film ever.

  • I love old horror movies from the 40s/50s/ 60s. I have a whole collection of them. One of my favourites is about aliens from out of space. The space ship looks like a kitchen pot lid cover in tin foil attached to some string. ( yes, you can actually see the string). I think that total budget for the movie was $10 ( in today's money). But it is so so funny!!. What is your favourite movies?

  • 1) The Descent
    I watched this with my best friend when we were 16. One of the most funniest movies I think. But it triggers the claustrophobia.
    2) Saw series
    I think the saw series had a good story line in general.
    3) The Ring
    Not scary at all, but an inspiration for some parody videos me and my friends made.

    • i watched the descent. it's actually what made me ask this question. I watched it with a girl friend. It felt like it took too long to build up, we got bored of it and there didn't seem to be much tension or build up. just solace and peace until an abrubt creature is seen later that they instantly kill.

      Kinda desensitised the danger to the creature from the start. we got so bored that we turned it off. didn't really like

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    • yeah i wish they made the creatures more of a threat and the movie wasn't so freaking dark. got annoying that i could hardly ever see anything. the creatures were not very scary either or even strong if in contact.

      i really want a really scary movie

    • Yeah. I never could watch the Grudge. Was way too creepy for me.

  • 1. The Thing, 1982, An Exercise in paranoia where people still discuss their interpretation of the ending and what exactly the thing actually is. The characters actually have character traits and aren't just assholes waiting to be stabbed.
    2. The deconstruction of the slasher films, scream, I like 2 the best.
    3. Nosferatu. The only decent adaptation of the novel dracula

  • Night of the living Dead
    A classic and one of the first zombie movies. The black and white gives a fun touch.
    The evil dead
    A cheesy film that gives off the essence of 80s horror. The start of a fun series.
    Psycho and The Birds
    I like be the mood Hitchcock films give off and The birds gives me odd nostalgia. It was a movie I watched a lot when I was little and I've stayed in the town it was filmed in multiply times.

  • Halloween- Classic horror movie. I love it.
    The Shining- One of my favorite movies in general. Not a typical horror film about a monster, but about madness.
    When a Stranger Calls- a movie about one of the things that scares me the most.

  • The People under the stairs, scary movie, and Shawn of the dead.

    Ok so the last 2 are horror comedies but still they're fuckin awesome.

  • My top three would have to be Ju-on, dawn of the dead and evil dead or the conjuring.

    Ju-on scarred me for life and the rest because swag lyf

  • Alien
    That thing is terrifying and gruesome. Also Ripley is a goddess

  • Six sense

  • All parts of Underworld.

  • 1. Insidious
    2. Nightmare on Elm Street
    3. The Grudge


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