What's the funniest / creepiest backmasked song you've heard in a long time, and why?

My top pick would be Cobra Starship's "Bring It," off the soundtrack to "Snakes on a Plane."

Played backwards, it's a song about a bizarre culture in which the Devil basically looks like Sauron, and they are seeking refuge from a tiger god named Tigweh to hide them in "Elysium."

"Help us Tigweh, we need it the most now! / Keep us safe inside / from the Evil Eye / in Elysium!"

They reject some new boy that enters their culture, damning him to "O-Fiera" (which I guess is Hell.)

"Dang you, boy! / In O-Fiera!"

One guy thinks he's Leif Erickson, and that everyone wants to see his "snip."

Sam Jackson chimes in at the end: "Now you can't laugh! HATE them!!!"

Most of the rest of it sounds like German-accented gibberish.

You have an even funnier one to share? By all means!


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  • Dora's theme song backwards is pretty creepy lol

    Also Eminem's Not Afraid has some messages


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  • Of course Stairway to Heaven then there's Snow Blind by Styx. Just the most horrible thing I've heard was Lenny Kravitz fucking up American Woman