Do you believe it was better when video-games where simple, and they didn't have so many sidequests, trophies and such features like they have now?

I'm not into such games... since they consume tons of time.. but I've noticed some of those new games they have many side-quests and such stuff... which means a player needs to spend tons of hours and as a result get obsessed...

Unlike old-school games like Pitfall or Kaboom... where ya only needed to increase yer score... or even first Playstation's platform games which were pretty simple... and they could be finished in some hours like Lucky Luke for example..

Well now I see there are too many trophies and such thangs... and people need to put way too much effort and spend tons of hours to achieve those goals...

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  • Yeah, I agree. Even sports games are so in depth and complicated. There are various modes such as 'My Player,' 'My GM,' and franchise modes that I don't even bother. I just stick to exhibition games. Lol.


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  • I've always played RPGs so side quests etc... are an important part of the game.

    I mean if you're only into boring level grinding that's you, but it's way more fun to have depth.

    • Sometimes I wish I never touched an RPG in ma hands... unfortunately I have a perfectionist mindset when it comes to such games... and I feel annoyed if I didn't have collected even each useless item from each game...

      I'm really jealous of those people who can enjoy a game widout mindin' gettin' 100%...

    • I feel that way toooooo sometimes but I also enjoy most of the side quests as long as they're not crazy useless. Like it's fun just to play in that world.

  • The side quests and such make the game better, you can do multiple playthroughs as a result. And it keeps the game more interesting.

    • But it makes ya became a loner even more... and I'm aware yer being one... hehehehe...

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    • And yes 21st century sucks and sucks again... also people who like 21st century suck too...

      I was born in da wrong era... I wish I was born 30-35 years earlier... I feel like out of sync in 2016...

    • Okay dude.

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  • they have those so that players can enjoy the game even longer.

    its not necessary to complete them all.

  • I don't mind sidequests as long as the gameplay is good.


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