Writing a story? Fiction, but want realism. If someone were swallowed alive, is survival possible, especially with the advanced human mind?

So im writing a story about a guy, Dan, who made some bad choices in life and ends up shrinking to a very tiny size. At the climax he is inadvertently knocked into a glass of iced-tea which his own mother, Joyce, is about to drink. If this senerio actually happened, how much of a chance would Dan have to survive? Any advice on how he may escape? Here's the section...

"(Splash), Dan found himself floating in the iced-tea. Suddenly a large shadow cast over him. Before he could even look up, he saw the blurred shape of his mother's hand wrap around the outside of the glass. The tea sloshed around in the glass gently as she picked it up, but to him, they were title waves. "Woah mom!" He said, hoping she saw him in there. It didn't take long for Dan to realize, she hadn't seen him at all. The liquid in the glass shifted as she tilted the glass at her lips. Dan's heart raced as he saw the tea quickly begin rushing into her mouth. Her throat opened and closed with every gulp. He screamed to his mom over and over as the tea continued to disappear into her body. All he could think to do is, swim down, swim to the bottom of the glass. "She won't drink all of it" he thought to himself. He began swimming in a panic, down down down, he was almost there. He then watched as the bottom of the glass began to pull away, further and further. He swam even harder as he realized the current had him. He swam and swam, but his mom's lips got closer and closer, and the current became stronger and stronger. He watched the outside world pull away as the waves washed him past Joyce's lips. The dark shadows surrounded him from the confinement of her mouth. He rode the rapids that washed over her tongue towards the iced-tea water fall that poured down the back of her throat, vanishing into the dark tunnel of her esophagus. He caught his last glimpse of daylight coming through the crack between her lips as he plunged down the waterfall into darkness."

Thanks for input :)
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Your own ideas are welcome. Add or adjust anything. :)
Was previously toying with the idea of Dan trying to get his ex girlfriend, Carrie whom he cheated on, attention at a party and as a result she inadvertently knocked him into a drink that she handed to her new fiancé, Sean, who would drink Dan down instead.


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  • Oohh, the tale of Jonah and The Whale with and Oedipal twist! Sadly, poor Dan is probably doomed in this scenario. Unless he's wearing Ant-Man's suit he'd probably suffer damage from the fall down the esophagus and burn up in the stomach acids. (A fun movie that you might want to check out for some inspiration is the Dennis Quaid sci-fi comedy Innerspace.)

    Of course, one thing a lot of people forget when it comes to shrinking and blowing up objects and people's size is the square cube law. In a nutshell, it says that any object that shrinks or expands will still have the same amount of mass but the volume will be cubed of the mulitplying factor. So a person, shrunken down to the size of a pea would be much denser as their mass is tightly packed into a much smaller volume. So in all likelihood, poor Dan was doomed to drown in the tea because he'd probably not be able to stay afloat since his mass was that of a man but packed into a much tighter space. Though he'd still maintain the strength of a man, it's just being exerted on a smaller surface area (think Ant-Man again, that's an exaggerated reason why he's so powerful when he's small). Though this is rather irrelevant as it's more likely that Dan would've died from other complications to being shrunken down.

    So realism is kinda something you have to disregard to make the premise work. Really, sometimes it's best to throw realism out the window for the sake of the story. If you absolutely want to give Dan the "Jonah experience" I'd have it be relegated to just the mouth. Have him grab a hold of one of Joyce's taste buds or something. Though take that with a grain of salt, I've just watched Finding Nemo, which had something similar happen.

    For an escape measure, you can have Joyce sneeze and have Dan catapulted by the force.

    You've got a great writing style, by the way. Very descriptive and tense!

    • I like the sneezing aspect. That could be interesting.

    • Then after she sneezes him out, he lands somewhere that invites another obstacle for him, like maybe her slipper and she's about to put it on.

  • 0% chance no way

  • Maybe at the last second he can grab onto her uvula to prevent himself from going down.

    • Which could cause her to cough him out?

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    • That's good. The cookie can cause him to struggle as she brings it and him back to her mouth. Or how about he falls on the carpet that she's about to vacuum?

    • Or maybe falls into the food or drink of one of his siblings?

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