Should I cancel at the last minute even though I planned to see the movie with her?

I planned to see Batman v Superman on the premiere but now I do not want to see it because I heard apparently it has nothing new to offer to comic book movies.

I am a batman fan but at the same time I saw another batman v Superman trailer and the cgi looked so obvious like a game. Today is Thursday and I planned to see it with her Friday

Also I do not have a job I get my money from my parents, I asked my dad for some money but I feel like I should save the money so that I can pay for bus fare to job interviews.

I have a job interview Thursday but there is no guarantee that I will get hired

My friend requested Friday off to because I asked her to


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  • the reviews are polarized. The fans of DC seemed to love it. Only the pretentious people seem to hate it. Besides it'd be rude to cancel like that. It could still be entertaining.

    • That's a false dichotomy.

    • @Electronica No it's not I never said it had to be one or the other.

      Gah I hate when people spout dumb greek terms yes we've all taken 100 level logic courses.

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  • Save your money, a job is more important than watching Jesse Eisenberg look foolish as Sex Jewthor


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