How do you feel about Mel Gibson as both an actor and a person?

I'm a very huge Mel Gibson fan for his best movies such as his Mad Max movies, Lethal Weapon movies and Braveheart but as a person, my feelings toward him are a little confusingly mixed. He's been angrily and violently lashing out at at everyone (his 2nd ex-wife, Oksana, in particular) but the weird thing is, many co-stars and friends of Mel Gibson from the past, such as Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon series), Jodie Foster (Maverick and The Beaver), Whoopi Goldberg (no movie starred with him but a friend of his) and Sigourney Weaver (The Year of Living Dangerously) all had nothing but positive things to say about Gibson not only as a actor but as a person as well. They all even defended him after his domestic violence conviction.

If someone like Jodie Foster and Sigourney Weaver (who both always seemed like a very nice ladies) defend someone like Mel Gibson, then his 2nd ex-wife, Oksana most likely might have done something outright wrong to just deliberately pissed him off greatly (not trying to justify how Gibson handled his problems with her and resorted to death threats and violence against her but just pointing some possible things out).
How do you feel about Mel Gibson as both an actor and a person?

Danny Glover and many others defend Mel Gibson

Sigourney Weaver defends Mel Gibson
  • I think he's a great actor but an unstabally batshit psychotic piece of shit for many of the things that he's been doing for the past several years and needs to get his shit together.
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  • I think he's not only a great actor but he really isn't as bad as he's been recently showing himself to be. He's just a mentally ill person who had an emotional meltdown or two.
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  • I think he's an overrated actor but not a very bad person overall. He's just at his lowest point of his life at the moment and has had many mental breakdowns over his family issues.
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  • I think he's both overrated as an actor and an asshole as a person.
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  • He is a great actor writer and director. He has demons and he is dealing with them. He has own up to them and has helped Robert Downey through his addiction. He is a much better person than some clean cut actors


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  • I miss him so much. Where is Mel Gibson? I want him back in more movies. One of my favourite actors. I enjoy all his movies. My favourite movie with him is The Patriot which is in my personal Top 10.

    • He's still been starring in a couple of movies recently. He was in The Expendables 3(with Sylvester Stallone), Machete Kills (with Danny Trejo) and Get the Gringo not too long ago.

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    • These titles you mention are only a shadow compared to his previous masterworks. I haven't watched any of the Expendables movies.

    • @iFarted Such a beautifully done movie <3 <3
      The locations, the colours, storyline, actors, music, it's just perfect!

  • I appreciated his performances in Gallipoli, the original Mad Max and Lethal Weapon 1; but his politics bother me. I am a proud Englishman and his portrayal of us in both Braveheart and The Patriot are both historically inaccurate and very naive. Even in Gallipoli there is a line about the English enjoying tea on the beaches while the ANZACS (who I respect and thank for their sacrifice) are being slaughtered.

    Where is his take on how Britain was the first county to abolish slavery in 1834, or the only country to stand up to Nazism in 1940?

  • As a person blehh... As an actor, he fits in quite well into a lot of roles.
    I loved the movie The Patriot.

  • I think he is a good actor... but he become a little bit crazy

  • He's good, but he is a racist piece 9f shit


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