Any sci-fi buffs here? What are so. e great books/shows/movies in this genre? Also I've downloaded Lexx, is it good?


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  • I've never seen Lexx yet. I've never seen Babylon 5 either but that's a space opera type show.
    I'm sticking to space here. Firefly is good albeit only a handful of episodes and a movie (Serenity) based on it. Farscape is decent.
    There was a new show on Syfy that was pretty good called The Expanse.
    Dark Matter came on recently too and I thought it was so-so at best, but it's an option.
    Battlestar Galactica reboot (especially the first few seasons) was great.

    I've read Foundation (just the first book so far) and I've heard good things about Hyperion and Dune.
    Oh and 12 Monkeys (time travel/apocalypse type) is really good and season 2 is about to come on in a couple of weeks. I'm really liking it.


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